Prick is a series of sixty-four 7”x5” contact-printed photograms. Each print contains the image of a single petal plucked one-by-one from a bouquet of hot-pink roses.

    Prick is a rumination on love, the pervasiveness of hope, monotony of rose-colored glasses, and general awfulness of dating in your twenties. The nostalgic trope of a lovelorn girl plucking at flower petals, chanting, “He loves me, he loves me not,” like a prayer has always haunted me. I’m a hopeless romantic, a yearner, and a true believer in the merits of a little crush, but even I know that if you spend too long grasping at petals you’ll be caught on the thorns.

is for the girls who pine and the men that keep them waiting.

    I began this series single and emerged from it deeply in love––perhaps the darkroom gods smiled down on me while I was playing my own game of loves me, loves me not

    After all, eventually you have to put the flower down.  

© 2024 Claire Tomkiw